Friday, October 17, 2008

I heart free stuff.

So lately, I'm really getting cheap. Or maybe just GREEDY. I don't know. But it's bad. It's becoming an obsession.

First, I decided to become an official coupon clipper!! I found a bunch of websites and blogs about it, bought my own organizing stuff (yes, I spent money to save money), and now I'm officially clipping!! Although I have yet to use my coupons. I'm living with the parents right now who have forbid me to buy groceries. Aren't they just mean? ;) Needless to say, I'm VERY excited about my first grocery trip in Wyoming!!

Second, I entered the giveaway. I entered myself on way too many e-mail addresses and really wanted a free bag. Oh well. Someone else got it. Congratulations, 24 random strangers.

Third, I entered a giveaway contest on my cousin's wife's friend's photography blog. (Complicated, I know). Anyway, Kristin the Awesome (as I have just now decided to name her) of Paisley Photo Art had a giveaway on her blog a couple of days ago. Write in your hilarious reason to get a free photo shoot. Five winners chosen. I WON!! YAY ME!! Seriously, couldn't be more excited about it. Free photo shoot for my DARLING kiddos. :) What was my hilarious reason, you ask? I told her to pity me. I have to move to Rock, Springs, Wyoming. (Note the diarrhea colored font I have used for Rock Springs. This depicts my feelings well). (In the e-mail I went into more detail. But that's the general idea. If you really want more, I'll forward you the e-mail).

Next, I jumped into this biz op. I seriously think you all need to hear about it. Maybe I'll blog the details later since no one seems interested in my TOTALLY AWESOME brunch. I'm telling you, you'd be crazy not to take advantage. Anyway, I've been working hard the last couple of days on this. Well, working hard for a stay-at-home mom, that is. I still have my children and other responsibilities to attend to, but in all of my spare time I'm on conference calls and such. I had forgotten how much I love being a part of a business, something bigger than me. I really enjoy it. And to make money for doing something I enjoy, well, how could I not?!

This brings me to my latest freebie obsession!! THIS QUILT!!

It's absolutely beautiful!! Go check out the giveaway at Pigtails and Snails although, don't try to hard to win, because that will just make it harder for me!! And I can just picture this quilt perfectly on Payson's new bed with the fun new dressers (you know the one's from my first garage sale purchase?) that I'm refinishing!!

Maybe it's the economy that has me on this cheap/free fix. But you know, if if the economy was doing great, why wouldn't I want to save up some extra dough? That could add up to a vacation with the hubby, or for the family, a new car, college/mission/wedding funds...the list goes on!! The point is,

I heart free stuff!!

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Erin and Family said...

Totally cute McKenna! Free stuff rocks! Thanks again for last night! You"re the best! Love you guys!