Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One week down!


It has been a great week!! I feel better emotionally, physically, and spiritually. My week has not been perfect. Not even close. Not emotionally, not physically, not spiritually. But I feel better all around than I have in the last several months. I feel so much happier. Not that I haven't been happy. But I wasn't taking care of myself, on top of that big black cloud of miscarriage that I was buried in for a while, and that left me feeling....blah.

But after 1 week of eating better and focusing more on my personal scripture study and prayers, and just 3 days of working out, I feel so awesome!! WHY oh WHY would I EVER stop? I don't want to give this up. So if you see me eating crap or hear me talk about skipping my workouts or something, SLAP ME!! Thanks. :)

Anyway, I'm down about 4 1/2 pounds this week. And that's with some strawberry shortcake at a RS thing one night, and then the next day I totally blew it. A friend brought me frosted orange rolls as a thank you for helping her with the RS thing. I had one and gave the rest to my neighbors. Thought I was being good. And then that night I was rushed and we ate out and then had a movie night with treats. I ate 2 brownies. Oops! :) But then I was good the rest of the week. So that's how it should be! Every once in a while I can just let loose and eat whatever I feel like, as long as I am keeping myself in check and don't let one bad night turn into a whole day or a whole week or a whole month.

Yesterday I woke up a little sore, but not sore enough that I was going to let it keep me from working out. So I did week 1 of Bootcamp. I just let myself do the beginner versions of everything because I didn't want to overwhelm myself and then wake up with stiff muscles and not be able to do day 2 of training. It was still really hard for me, but doable. And I felt so good afterward!! Then I woke up this morning. Definitely a little more sore, but stretching felt so good!! That feel good hurt, you know?

I noticed that I've slept so much more soundly the last two nights. In the last week I've gone from staying up super late, sleeping restlessly, forcing myself out of bed for the kids, and then dragging all day long, to going to bed by 10 at the latest, sleeping soundly (even if the kids wake me up at night), getting up feeling refreshed at 6 am, and feeling energized throughout the day. I love that!! (I still plan on working my way down to waking up at 5, but for now, I'm just sticking with those baby steps!)

When we went out for our run/walk this morning, Payson asked if we could go a different way. Sure, why not?! We turned right instead of left. I like new scenery. There were a few small hills, but they are everywhere. Completely unavoidable in this little town. And then...ugh. This mountain of a hill. If I had been there even 2 weeks ago, I probably would have just turned around and gone a different way. But not today!! We headed straight up that mountain!! And I even ran parts of it. I about died (especially pushing that flippin' 70 pounds), but I did it!! And then, for the most part, the rest of our run/walk was downhill.

You would not believe how impressed I was with myself after!! For some, it might seem like such a simple thing, to conquer this stupid hill. But for me, it wasn't about the hill. I was conquering me. I didn't quit. I worked hard. I pushed through. And I was so pleased with myself! I may not love running, at least not yet. But I absolutely love the way I feel physically and emotionally when I finish. LOVE IT!!

So now I head into week 2. I'm trying to use what I have in the fridge before it goes bad, so planning meals will be a little harder this week. But that's okay. If I can get past that hill, I can plan a few meals, right? Of course, I don't plan on tackling that huge hill again for a while. I'm feeling a little more stiff than I'd like. Borderline pain. I want to push myself, but not more than I'm ready for.

So wish me luck on another week!! And JOIN ME!! Seriously! Let's keep each other motivated! Let's brag to each other about how well we're doing and encourage each other on rough days and share recipes and tips! Who's in?!?!?


Anonymous said...

This made me smile :)

You are amazing and DOING GREAT!

aubrey said...

So this is going to be a mother of a comment, but we had these the other day and I thought you might like it! (we LOVED it, and its meatless and pretty low cal!)

Four-Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

4 large portabella mushroom caps
1/2 cup fat‑free ricotta cheese
1/2 cup finely chopped onion
1/2 cup spinach-about half a box
4 T. fat‑free cream cheese
4 T. shredded fat‑free mozzarella cheese
1 T. minced garlic
1 t. reduced‑fat Parmesan grated topping
1 t. garlic powder
2 t. nutmeg
1/2 t. salt

Preheat over to 375.

Gently remove stems from mushrooms, and wipe cap with damp towel.
Place mushrooms on pan and bake for 15 minutes. (we brushed ours with EVOO and grilled them. I have had them both ways and its delish either way)

Meanwhile, bring a pan to medium heat, and fry onion, garlic. Cook
and stir about 3 min.
In a medium bowl, combing ricotta cheese, cream cheese, nutmeg, and
salt and mix well.
Add onion mixture, spinach, and mozzarella cheese. Mix well.
Stuff mushrooms caps with cheese mixture.
Cook for 8‑10 minutes. Sprinkle with parm cheese and garlic powder.

Jason loved these and didn't miss the meat at all. He thought it was a wee bit bland, so add a little more seasonings if you're the same way :)

congrats on everything!

r said...

ME!!!! I haven't been able to run for over a week and a half due to a bad cold and hacking cough. I'm pretty nervous about returning to the gym tonight, but it must be done. So thank you, ThAnK yOu, THANK YOU for posting your positive pro-fitness posts! It makes me want to tackle that beast called 'exercise' :)

Lauren and Tyson Fiala said...

Way to go! You are doing so great! I'm so glad you are feeling great. It makes all the hard work worth it when you notice such a big change in the way you feel, and losing 4 1/2 pounds doesn't hurt either :)

The Larson Family said...

I'm in! I've actually been tempted to do a post about my weight management issues, but I didn't want to copy you. :) I'm totally going to do it now though since you told me to. (Wow, you really shouldn't have that much power over me.) Anyway, some of my family members and I have seen some good success with our diet, so stay tuned for details!

Tara said...

Love the progress. I thought of you when I was watching the Bonnie Hunt show today. Jillian from Biggest Loser mentioned 20% of your daily calories can come from anything you want. Sweets, carbs, chocolate...whatever your weekness. She still said to eat quality things but if you keep it to 20% you will be fine. I liked hearing that. Nice to know I don't have to deprive myself 100% while trying to eat better.

Love watching your progress. We can all do this.

Lindsay said...

Way to go! I love that you tackled that mountain of a hill! We have one here that my walking buddies call "Thursday Hill" because it is almost at the end of the walk route and it's just like almost having the weekend here but not really yet. The rest of the walk is easy like Friday and Saturday. It is still my goal to run it one day. But I am so proud of you. You are so focused and motivating!! Keep up the good work!