Friday, April 30, 2010

I won! I won! I won!

I'm so excited!! I just won my friend Tiffany's giveaway! Tiffany and I met when we were all newlyweds up at BYU-Idaho living in the University Courtyard Closets. Oh! Sorry, I mean Apartments.

Tiffany is so awesome and has always been my biggest supporter as I try to change my lifestyle and get healthy. It doesn't matter how many times I give up and then start over. She gets it because she's been there. She knows how hard it is to take control of your health and get it into gear. And she passionate about helping others to do the same thing. So she and her sister, Heather, have started a blog, Be Well, to help the rest of us in being healthy.

They give away advice and tips, recipes, encouragement, and AWESOME workout videos by Lindsay Brin. Lindsay focuses specifically on helping moms to get into shape. I have five of her dvds (and love them) already and just won another one from Tiff. You guys really HAVE to check her out. She's giving away another dvd right now that I'm hoping to win!!


Tiffany said...

so happy you won! and thanks for the nice words! i'm excited you'll have another dvd to add to your collection!

Lindsay said...

Way cool that you won!! I was curious about the fitness DVD and Lindsay Brin. So I checked out her site and ended up ordering the Bootcamp 2. I am so excited for it to get here! Thanks for the great link!!

Anonymous said...


Ps: are you sure we are friends??? I'm NEVER that lucky.

Breeann said...

that is awesome! I saw your comment on my blog, e-mail me.

Tiffany said...

oh yeah... and yay for passing along your love for lindsay! i became so passionate about spreading the word about her when her videos WORKED for me and helped me lose weight! when i found something that worked for me, i became immediately crazy about letting other people (especially moms) know. so keep it up!