Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Very First Surgery EVER!!

Well, if you're reading this you most likely have read this and this and all of the other posts about my December miscarriage. So I'll try to stick to new information. Like I had mentioned before, the tissue they found that was causing the bleeding was leftover from the miscarriage in December, not a new miscarriage. The doctor prescribed those crappy meds that made me cramp like you wouldn't believe for an entire week and then I had my follow up appointment.

The good news: The meds were working!
The bad news: There was still tissue.

So I had the choice. I could do another round of meds and hope that removed more tissue, and hopefully all of it. Or I could just have the D&C surgery and get it overwith. I discussed pros and cons with my doctor VERY thoroughly. I think he may have been annoyed with me. :) And Jason and I had had a few conversations about our options prior to my appointment, so I knew how he felt about the situation.

At first it was hard to choose the surgery. Mostly because I've never had surgery before. I don't take meds when I don't need to, so why would I CHOOSE to have an unnecessary surgery? And I was nervous. Because I've never had surgery, who knew how my body would react to anesthesia? And what about infection after the fact? And what if the doctor (heaven forbid!) made some kind of a mistake and I lost all fertility?!

But the truth is, I had tried medication originally. It worked...a little. So we tried medication again. And again, it worked...a little. It was clear my body needed some help letting go here. And if we were to try again, I would have to keep coming back into the doctor weekly to ensure I wasn't contracting any infection or other complications.

I just wanted to get this overwith. And Jason had recently given me a priesthood blessing that made me feel so comfortable with my decision. So the doctor said, "I can squeeze you in at seven!" And I said, "Great!"

That was about 12 hours away and Jason was out of town for work, so I called him and told him to get home ASAP. I made arrangements for the kids in the morning (because I had to be to the hospital for admitting and bloodwork EARLY). And I attempted to get to bed early.

HA! That last part was a joke. Of course I was nervous. I finally crashed at some point and then got up early to shower and get ready. Jason gave me another blessing and we got the kids up and off to a neighbor friend's house. (Anyone willing to take their friends' children that early in the morning is a SAINT! Thanks, Jamie!!)

Then we headed to the hospital. Admitting was easy. Then they gave me a room and a gown and then we waited.

(These pictures were taken on Jason's phone by Jason. They are horrible quality and tiny. Sorry!)

The bed. As if you couldn't figure that out.

Hanging out in my sexy gown that made me look seven times bigger than I actually am.

Playing on the puter to kill time.

Cute hubby. He really is the best thing in the world. You have no idea how jealous you should be.

Then the nurse came in and asked me to pee. What? I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything since the day before so I was dry as a desert. No pee for them. So instead she drew blood and put in my IV. I can not tell you how much I hate needles. I can tolerate blood draws for a few seconds, but IV's are torture! And this nurse was NOT gentle! OUCH!!

Then came the super fun tights and leg squisher things! The nurse brought in the tightest stocking-like things ever and helped me get them on, then wrapped these fun things around each leg. Apparently to keep the blood circulating to avoid blood clots and such. They were sexy. I'm telling you, Jason had never wanted me more.

Then we waited some more. Because they had hooked me up to fluids I was finally able to pee. Which was really fun to do in that gown and the leg things using my one non-IV'ed hand. Ha ha ha ha! It was so entertaining. When I was finished, the nurses actually applauded me for finally making a "pee pee". Seriously.

After talking to the doctor and anesthesiologist, they came in to give me some meds to "relax" me and then rolled me down to the OR. As we were wheeling down the hallway I felt so weird! Totally conscious, but WEIRD! In the OR I remember the nurse having me put on my hair net thing and talking to me for a minute. They put some antibiotics in my IV which I remember burned through my arm and wrist for a minute. And then I woke up in a recovery room with two nurses above me.

It was so weird! I was still waiting for them to put me under and I was already waking back up. I was groggy and tired, but not in any pain. Within about an hour of waking up they had had me pee, again, and got my prescriptions and discharge papers and helped me dress and we were on our way home. We picked up the kids and I curled up on the couch with instructions to keep my legs elevated for a few days.

I spent the first day feeling weird from the anesthesia. Yesterday I walked around more, but still felt strange. I haven't needed more than a ibuprofen here or there for the pain. Which really has been more discomfort than pain. The worst part is the antibiotics I have to take twice a day all week. They make me so sick. I hate them with a passion. But I'd rather not get any infection, so I'm taking them. Ugh.

Today I feel pretty much the same as yesterday. Tired. Sick from the meds. A little weak. If I walk around too much I get light headed and dizzy. But it's really been so much easier than I expected. If I ever miscarry again (heaven forbid!) I'm having the D&C right away. Physically it would have been so much easier than all this waiting and all these pills and cramping and blah blah blah. I'm in less pain now than I was before surgery and I've already stopped bleeding. Why didn't I do this to begin with?!

Anyway, it's only six and I've been up for too long. My sleep schedule is totally off from meds. Ugh. So I'm going back to sleep. Night!


Jason & Kelli West said...

I am so happy to hear that every thing went well. Surgery is not fun, and thinking about recovery is not fun. I am happy now that you are done with the cramping and crappy stuff. Heal quickly my dear. If I was your neighbor I would make you some yummy food! :)

r said...

You are the best. I love your sense of humor and the fact that you can find the ridiculous in unpleasant situations. I'm glad you're feeling better and hope that you continue to get the rest you need!

Kathlen said...

So glad that you are doing better!! The only advice I can give you is to eat Yogurt. The antibiotics are cleaning out the good and bad bacteria in your tummy. It will also cause you to have a BAD yeast infection(been there, not fun). So eat tons of Yogurt and make sure that it has live active cultures. You could also get a pro biotic. Love ya, glad that you are doing better!!

Jobi Niu said...

So glad you're surgery went well.. How cute are you and Jason? I hope you get more sleep and recover quickly. Love ya

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you finally posted the whole story, you know how I am about details.

So, for future reference, whenever I have to have surgery (I've had one for girly problems and one for my gallbladder), I always ask the doc to prescribe me an anxiety med to take the night before, so that I can get some sleep. It helps a TON! It would probably help you too since we seem to have similiar anxiety issues :)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture and your description of the leg squeezers!! Jason probably has totally never wanted you more ;)

Love you friend, feel better soon!

Jason and Bri said...

That sucks so bad babe. I hate surgery's!!! And am sure this stuff going just makes things harder am sorry, hope you recover fast.

Erin and Family said...

glad it's over with & you're feeling better already:) love you! and every c-section, i get to wear those leg squeezer thingies for at least 24 hrs. get better quick & come see us!