Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Office!!

I am having so much fun making things and finding things and revamping things to make my home a little more beautiful. The first room I've been working on is my family room. It is the room in the house where we spend the most time and serves the most functions. It is where I pay bills, work on primary stuff, plan meals, organize schedules, blog. It's where we craft and watch movies and play games and do puzzles. It's where we hang out and listen to music and read. We LIVE in this room. This is also where company generally spends their time. So starting here made sense.

Right now, it's still a HUGE work in progress. We had to get/make a lot of new furniture and stuff for this room. I think I posted before about how we have had a tendency to buy cheap crap to save money. We have finally learned our lesson and were needing to replace a lot of major pieces. Our computer desk was one of those pieces. I think we've had like three desks since we got married nearly 6 years ago. The last one fell apart in less than a year. So I told Jason that I honestly didn't care how much or how little was spent on this piece. I just wanted a solid, quality, functional, and of course pretty piece to serve it's purpose for a long time to come.

Now, you'll have to forgive the lighting because it's night and the lights were on and I'm just not a great photographer. But here is my new computer desk and chair!

Yes, it's yellow. It's really not quite as bright as it looks in the photo. That's the fault of the lighting. But I'm not going to make excuses for it because I LOVE color! I look at these beautiful white rooms in magazine photos and I am in love! But I'm very aware that I could never live that way. Aside from the fact that I would be terrified of kids ruining and staining everything, it just wouldn't be me. I like bright things.

And I adore this blue chair. I love the blue and yellow together. And the design of the back of this chair just makes me happy. PLUS it's comfortable!!

Above the desk I have THIS:

I LOVE this magnet board! I have wanted this magnet board since I saw this ages ago. (I kind of have a girl crush on all of Becca's beautiful creations.) So I finally made one! It's smaller than hers, but I needed it to fit my space and my style and my needs. We bought the magnet board (with a coupon of course!) from Robert's and I made all the fun magnets. The kids absolutely love all the family magnets. Anyway, this helps me to stay organized and it holds some of my very favorite things in perfect view!

So this is my fun little office corner. ALMOST finished. I think I want to find a cute little dry erase calendar to hang on the wall to the left. Another functional/pretty piece. And etsy has a ton of super cute inexpensive ones.

Anyway, I love it more than you could ever know!! It's hard to feel "cozy" in an apartment with all white walls and hideous brown carpet. But little by little we're making it our own.


Randi said...

I love the magnet board McKenna. SO CUTE!

Kylee Clark said...

So cute. I totally know what you mean we have some pretty neat carpet in our house. Lets just say 1970's yup its pretty and shaggy. I get what ya mean you can decorate a room with cute things and then the carpets doesn't seem so bad. I am a believer in area rugs :)

Anonymous said...

Love it, McKenna! I would also rather have your hideous brown carpet than my worse-than-hideous green carpet!!! I have a magnet board (even smaller than yours) that would be helpful and good to have to display and hold useful stuff like you have done. You've inspired me to work on my stuff. :) We are moving our big computer desk out of what was my office and is now Eddie's bedroom (he needs the space and I need better access to my desk) and when I get it in place I'll hang my board. I like the idea of the dry erase calendar too. Can I copy you? Isn't that the best form of flattery or something? ;)

Anyway, it all looks great. You've been busy! Having fun, too, I'm sure.

Love ya! Shan

The Brandt Clan Fam! said...

McKenna! I love it--what a fun space! I think a calendar will be the PERFECT finishing touch. I really, REALLY love that blue chair!

linda said...

So cute! Way to go! :)