Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Office is Complete

I officially completed my little office corner! At least I think it's official. I went ahead and ordered a calendar on etsy. This one. It came super fast. And it's adorable. I wanted to put it together right away, but we were stuck inside all day yesterday. The weather here was AWFUL and the roads were closed due to serious ice. I checked every frame I already owned to see if I could switch anything out, but nothing was the right size. :(

So we watched movies and snuggled all day. I love doing that with my babies. :) And then the second the roads cleared up a little we ran to the Family Dollar to buy a cheapo ugly frame with a cheapo ugly picture in it. And some treats for the kids, of course. Then we hurried home before the roads got yucky again (which they didn't, thank goodness).

As soon as we got home I spent WAY too long disassembling the frame which was stapled and glued like nothing I've ever seen. It literally took my forty minutes to get the glass out of the frame. And in the process I sliced my finger twice (same finger). Ouchy! When that was finally done, I followed the super simple steps to adhere the vinyl calendar to the glass (carefully this time so as not to sever any fingers). Then I spray painted the cheapo ugly frame. A couple of coats. And then a stain over the top and some poly. Once that was dry I nailed a hangy thingy (technical term) on the back of the cheapo ugly frame and hot glued the glass back into the frame. Then I hung it, stood back, and BEAMED!!

It's so perfect! It's exactly what I had pictured here completing this little area. Actually, it's probably better than I had pictured. I love all the color in this little corner, especially with our stark white walls. The only thing I might do differently in this little corner is add a lamp. But it's a pretty small desk because it's a pretty small area and I'm not sure where I could fit a lamp. Although I just had an idea that may make it possible later. You'll just have to wait and see!!

Anyway, enough from me. What do you think?

(Although I still confess that I'm no photographer, this picture looks SO much better than my other computer desk pictures simply because the windows are open and it's day time!!)


Mandi said...

LOVE this!! I can so imagine you sitting there at the desk with it cutely decorated and us chatting on the computer. hehe!! :) It turned out great!

r said...

Ahhh! How did I miss so many posts?? Your office turned out awesome! I love all of the color!

We toned our Easter down too. Let's be honest here, I'd be the one eating all of the good stuff :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!!! How much do you charge ;)

Mandi said...

So Sweet you told them that story!! I hope it works next year!! ha! What a fun tradition to do on Saturday, my sister started do that. So fun! Cute baskets.

aubrey said...

oh man I LOVE that calendar! As in, I may or may not be purchasing one, stat.

You did a great job with the office area, come do mine?

Erin and Family said...

sooo cute!!!! LOOOVE IT! miss you mckenna! and i need a calendar too! haven't found one that i absolutely love yet:) glad ur finger is still intact:)

Dusti said...

I love your office..its so cute.

linda said...

KaUTE office! love it! Very fab calendar. good find!

Nic said...