Monday, October 17, 2011


That one word alone has a million thoughts running through my mind. So much I could write about. But today, I had a near "perfect" day. Meaning I had a loooong list of things to get done. And I got all but two things crossed off of that list. This was a great accomplishment.

But does crossing everything off of my list make today perfect? Heavens no! What made today perfect was the walk I took with my boys this morning. It was smiling and cooing with Lucas. It was watching Jack build sandcastles at the park. It was reading story after story after story after story. It was talking to my beautiful daughter about her day at school. It was sitting down to dinner together. It was a fun Family Home Evening full of laughing and love. It was more stories. It was family prayer. It was hugs and kisses. It was leaving the to do list for a few minutes here and there to do what matters.

Sure, I could have had a "perfect day" and crossed ALL of the items off of my to do list, if I had wanted to. But instead, I chose to spend my time with these three little fishies.

And I really had a PERFECT day.


r said...

It's the perfect days that make the not-so-perfect ones bearable. Thank goodness for that. ;)

Erin said...

so glad you did. those days are the best:)

Laura said...

so happy to hear you had a perfect day! Can't wait for those cute kiddos to come play at our house! :)

vaneblu said...

This picture and post put a HUGE smile on my face :)

Candace said...

I am glad to see you are happy!! I don't think I could be a vegetarian, I love meat way too much! I am happy that you feel better and that it makes you happy:) Your kids are so cute and tell (Vin Diesel) hi for us. LOL!!