Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pretty People...and other random musings.

Jason and I have determined that we are not the prettiest, not the ugliest, people. We're just somewhere in the middle. Our kids, however, are another story entirely!!

This picture doesn't even do them justice. Look at my handsome boys in their cute matching ties?! Ah!! I LOVE IT! And Payson's dress is to die for. Really, I wish I had a better picture. But this is what you get on a Sunday morning when you're running out the door for church. Payson holding a binky, Lucas falling asleep, and Jack...why is his hand on Lucas's head like that?? Ha ha ha! Seriously can't get enough of these kiddos of mine. My sweet little family is just full of my very favorite people.

And while I'm mentioning my favorite people, let's just check out this handsome hunk!!

Sorry, ladies. He's all mine! Yes, you should definitely be jealous. Aside from his stunning good looks, this week alone he has surprised me with flowers, cleaned bathrooms, helped me with laundry, and he is currently washing the dishes. Aren't you just green with envy?!

And just for fun, let's throw these into this post. The kids and I made cupcakes. I decorated the first dozen and let the kids go crazy with the rest. Can you tell which ones are mine?? ;)

Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday!!


Hilary said...

Your kids ARE adorable! I've always thought so. And I love the relationship you have with your husband. I can tell you are very happy together :)

Liz said...

I agree your kids are beautiful!! That's funny that you classify yourself as somewhere in the middle when I've ALWAYS thought you were gorgeous. Weird how our view of ourselves is so different than how others see us! And those cupcakes are AWESOME! I'm thinking of doing Monster cupcakes when Karston turns 2, so I'll definitely be checking out those cupcakes out again in a few more months.

vaneblu said...

You are ALL a gorgeous family, and that picture is killing me, the little tie :D

Steffani Dastrup said...

Such cute kids, such cute cupcakes, such cute parents... just a cute post in general!