Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I woke up this morning and realized I my favorite water bottle out in the car. I sip on water from my bottle all day long. So I asked Jason to run out and grab it for me. Because he's the nicest husband in the world.

When he brought my water bottle back in he also let me know that someone had stolen some things from out car. Rude! But kind of our fault. We got home from running errands last night and parked the car in our uncovered spot (we usually park in the covered spot) and left the car unlocked because I planned on running back out for some things without children after I'd fed the baby. And then I got tired and decided those things could wait until morning. We forgot about the car and left it unlocked. Oops!

Luckily, the car is old and we don't keep anything terribly valuable in it. They took an adapter cord thingamajiger and our GPS. The GPS was the most expensive thing, but really, we rarely use it anymore. Our stereo is so old it's been going out randomly lately, so had they tried to take it (which they did, but apparently left it behind) we would have laughed that they stole our broken stereo.

We're not too upset over the lost goods. More annoyed that someone felt the need to steal. But hopefully someone is going to have a lovely Christmas with a new to them old GPS and an adapter cord!


Nicole said...

That is good that nothing of real importance or value was taken but still - What a pain :(

Anonymous said...

Lame! I'm glad that it wasn't anything super important but it is still lame. sometimes, people suck.

r said...

Back in Orem we rarely locked our doors. For the same reasons: old stock stereo, nothing valualble (except the fancy stroller in the trunk). Someone stole a couple burned CDs and my favorite Johnny Cash CD. We're much more vigilant here in Houston ;)

r said...