Friday, December 9, 2011

A New Blog

I started another blog. I think this is like the fifth one I've started. Yep. I just went and counted. Fifth blog.

First I had the family blog. Which is really just my space.

Then I added a blog for Payson. I had plans for it that never panned out. I imagined starting a blog for each kid, blogging every great moment in their lives, and then turning it into a book for them every year. Ha! In theory, it was a fun idea. But it's just never going to happen.

Then I started a recipe blog. Which I actually love. I loved sharing recipes. But I just got busy and haven't been posting on for, well, years.

Fourth, I started a blog to document trying to get healthy. But it just stopped working after a while. I got pregnant and miscarried and pregnant and miscarried...well, you know the story. And my health just took a back seat for about 2 years. Sad.

So now I'm doing that again. Another healthy blog. This time for real. I've been posting on it for a little while and am really enjoying having a place to share what I'm doing and what's working for me. That way I can leave this blog for family stuff and no one who doesn't want to hear about all the stuff I'm doing to lose weight has to read about it.

Join me over there! It's my place to be accountable. It's my place to (hopefully) help others in my shoes do what I'm doing. And maybe when others start reading it it will be a great place for me to find encouragement and motivation as well. Hope to see you there!!

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