Saturday, July 3, 2010

Family Picnic and our Anniversary

On Jason's last week off we decided to have a family picnic at the park one night. We were feeling lazy so we ran to the grocery store for some pre-made dinner and then headed to the park!

As soon as everything was unloaded and set up we dug in to the food. We were starving! When I told everyone to "say cheese", this is what I got:

Jason picked up a square of cheese and pointed. Clever boy. At least Payson seemed to think he was funny. :)

And this is what we picked up for dinner:

Pre-made meat, cheese and cracker tray, pre-made veggie tray with pre-made dip, and pre-made grapes. :) It was light and delicious and summery. Perfect for a park picnic!!

After we ate, Payson helped Daddy set up Ladder Ball. My Grandpa made all of his 8 children Ladder Ball sets years ago and we've always loved it. Now they sell it at Walmart for $20. Not quite the same as playing on Grandpa's set, but just as fun!

While they set up the game, Jack posed for the camera:

After a few games of Ladder Ball, the kids decided to play volleyball. You should see how good I am. (Okay, fine. Jack is probably better than me.)

Payson got Daddy's help making some fabulous sidewalk chalk pictures:

And Jack posed some more:

It was such a good night. I love just playing with my little family and just being together. It was just what we needed. I'm so glad Jason suggested it!! And now that it's official summer, you can bet we'll be doing this much more often!!

As for our anniversary, our 6th was in May (Happy Anniversary, hon! I love you!). Jason was working so we postponed our little getaway until last weekend. We dropped the kids off at my parents' place and headed out for the night. We did a little shopping, checked into our hotel, had a yummy dinner and went to a movie. I won't get into too many details about our night back at the hotel, but I can tell you that there was the most hilarious strip show in the world performed by my sexy hubby. It still has me laughing out loud!

The next morning we slept in (it always amazes me how much I can sleep without kids waking me up in the morning!), had some complimentary breakfast, got ready and checked out of our room, and headed up Provo Canyon with the plan to tube down the river. It was such a gorgeous day! When we arrived they asked if they could convince us not to. I asked why and they explained that they water temp was still in the low forties. That was all the convincing I needed!!

So we decided to kayak instead, which turned out to be a blast!! At least, after the first few minutes where Jason steered us into the bushes (which means that I was steered into the bushes while he laughed safely from the back of the kayak). Once we figured things out we had so much fun! It was so gorgeous and relaxing and just a blast!! Unfortunately we left the camera in the car to avoid ruining it in the water. When we finished and realized how dry the camera would have stayed we were kicking ourselves. But we definitely plan to do it again, so we'll have pictures someday!!

After kayaking we headed home to have a little late birthday party with my family for Jack. More to come on that soon!!

(Oh! And if you wanted to know what happened here, the man's bill was covered without hesitation.)

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