Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jack's 3rd Birthday

For Jack's actual birthday we went to lunch, Jack's choice. I assumed he would pick McDonald's. But he chose Applebee's. So, of course, we went. It was just me and the kids. Jason was on graveyards so he was home catching what little sleep he could. At lunch they brought Jack a balloon and sang to him and brought him a dessert. He was loving all of the attention!

While we were finishing up a random woman from the next table over approached Jack and said, "Happy birthday, little guy!" And handed him a $5 bill! I was so surprised! And he was so proud of his $5.

After lunch Daddy met up with us on his way to work and we headed to the store and found Jack's bunk bed and bedding. And that's about all there was to his special day. But he didn't care at all!!

Jack's celebration was so small because we knew we would be in Utah in just a week or two for a big family party at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Jason and I had been gone kayaking in the morning, so my brother, Devin, and his girlfriend, Amanda, took the dog, my two little sisters and the kids for a hike up to Bridal Veil Falls. Then they went out to lunch and to the park to play for a while.

Later we met them at the park and then headed home to swim in Grandma and Grandpa's pool! We spent several hours out back playing and soaking in the sun. I don't think any of us could ever get enough of my parents' backyard.

After exhausting ourselves in the pool we headed in to bathe kids and get jammies on. Then I made everyone a super yummy dinner (grilled chicken and broccoli pesto alfredo penne with french bread and salad covered in Olive Garden Italian dressing). I have to brag about dinner. It was super fattening and delicious.

And after dinner the party began! Everyone was there but Brennan. We had to start out with our traditional singing of "Happy Birthday" completely off key. Jack soaked up the attention. He actually started singing "Happy Birthday" to himself as soon as I lit the candles. :) He was ready to go!!

After Jack blew out the candles (in one breath!!) he dug into presents.

With a little help from Daddy, of course. (Look at those two handsome boys!! I am one lucky girl!)

After each present was opened, Jack would quickly shove it out of the way, ready for the next one.

Jack had a couple of favorites. First was Slinky Dog. Jack is obsessed with all things Toy Story and has a million Toy Story toys. Randomly, he started begging me for a Slinky Dog toy the week before we headed down to Utah. Luckily, my sister's had randomly picked out a Slinky Dog for him without even knowing! So that one was definitely a hit. And he is still playing with it daily.

Next was Devin and Amanda's gift. Devin had called me earlier in the evening to ask me if I thought fireworks would be a good gift for Jack. I responded that Jack is THREE. Devin kept asking, and eventually asked both my mom and Amanda before Amanda finally picked out a more age appropriate present from them.

Amanda totally scored with her gift. She got Jack a couple of Toy Story treats and a box of Toy Story Mac and Cheese and wrapped them all separately. Jack had barely torn the corner of the wrapping paper when he SQUEALED, "MAC AND CHEESE!!!!!" We all cracked up. Who knows why, but he was REALLY excited about that Mac and Cheese!!

Then the best part of all, Amanda picked out a Buzz Lightyear costume for Jack which I have trouble getting off of him. He is in love with it! He runs around screaming, "To infibity....and BEYOND!!" It's hilarious. It really was the perfect birthday present for this Toy Story fanatic.

Aunt Madie even helped Buzz to fly around the room. And here's Jack opening a gift from Grandma and Grandpa:

He hasn't been too happy with me. He wore that fishy shirt this week and I haven't done the laundry yet (shame on me for only washing clothes once a week) and he's going crazy wanting to wear it! Oh well! He'll have to wait until Tuesday!

Anyway, Jack had a great birthday and crashed in his Buzz Lightyear costume that night. I had to peel it off him so he wouldn't choke on the hood or anything while he slept. He sure was one happy boy! And we love him like crazy!!!!

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