Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gratitude Day 11

I am generally unappreciative of my body. I worry about my weight and shape and complain and wish that I looked like so-and-so. But the truth is I think I would find something wrong with someone else's body and miss my own if it were possible to switch. So I'm trying to start appreciating my own more.

Today I am so so so thankful for my body. I have not been so kind to it in the years it has been mine. And yet I can still walk, run, play with my kids, breathe, and function. I can do just about anything I want to do. My only limitations are in my head.

My body has suffered through a LOT this last year. Multiple pregnancies, surgery, and a slew of other crap. And yet I am still healthy and feeling good. I have been working out again this week and my body still allows me to do the exercises and strengthen my muscles somewhat easily. It's amazing to me.

Lately my body has gotten me through busy days, moving from early in the morning until I finally crash on my bed at night with the aches and pains of a day of work. I love that feeling and it is helping me to be more grateful for this body of mine, flaws and all.


jessicaksteen said...

I think you are a beautiful lady and you should love looking in that mirror! The fact that you keep up with little ones and your calling is reason enough to feel like super woman! You go girl! If you need anything at all, I'm only a few doors away. :)

Trish Griffee said...

Amen. I love the days when my body doesn't give up on me. your body can betray you from time to time especially when it comes to things that mean the most to you but over all I am grateful for strangth as well. Thanks for the reminder.

Erin said...

you are beautiful mckenna. and i miss you. and i have a cute little constant reminder everyday of how lucky i am to have the body that i do. i am so grateful for my body too. and we all abuse our bodies:).

Erin said...

ok woman!..i forgot to tell you..i posted w/ pics:)! and yes PLEASE come & pester us at Thanksgiving:) miss you tons!