Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gratitude Day 3

I'm grateful today for all things crafty. :) I've been on a bit of a crafting kick this week. I'm not even sure why. Anyway...

We have a fun card group once a month where we meet to exchange cards and to make a few and learn fun, new techniques. It's fun to make something as well as to just get out and be social with fun girlfriends. I spent a few hours with a friend the other day making our cards, watching Oprah, and just having a good time.

Today I spent the day lazily browsing the internet for simple crafts to make to decorate my home using things I have here in my house. I found some adorable free printables (found here) and threw them in some old frames that weren't being used and hung them on the wall.

I've been using my Cricut to cut out bazillions of pieces to make a plethora of Thanksgiving cards, treats, labels, place cards, etc. It's been relaxing and fun and it just makes me happy. And after the kids are in bed some of my favorite people are coming over to make them with me while watching "Newsies" and eating yummy treats. :)

I even have my very own little craft space. It may not be the most expensive or elaborate. But it's my own humble space that I love. The drawers are filled with the things I use to just MAKE.

Do you like that I didn't take out the trash before taking a picture? Just keepin' it real.

I may not make expensive things or things that mean anything to anyone else. And that's okay. I'm not making them for anyone else. I just like to make things that make me happy. I'm grateful that I have the supplies, the friends, the resources (love the internet!), and the loving supportive husband to do it every now and then.


Trish Griffee said...

OOh I LOVE that desk! I don't have a space to do stuff at except the kitchen table but I love making things too!

jessicaksteen said...

I'm so glad to see you're enjoying crafting! Invite me over you big goof!! :) I'll bring my big huge bottle of MODGE PODGE!