Friday, November 12, 2010

Gratitude Day 12

I have the BEST ward!! I am so grateful for them! They're awesome. We had a activity tonight to collect money for Pennies by the Inch to donate to Primary Children's Medical Center. The primary was over it, but the entire ward, every auxiliary, stepped up to help making it SO easy!! And we brought in so many more donations than we have the last couple of years!! It was awesome!!

And on top of that, everyone just had a blast!! It was such a fun night! The kids were running all over the place all playing with each other. Young men and women playing with the little kids, adults playing with the younger ones. Everyone just gets along so well. It was just such a fun night. And it always is in this ward. I look forward to every activity because I know that no matter who attends we'll have a blast. Everyone is included. It's so great.

We've attended wards in the past where it's felt so exclusive, so feeling so much love and friendship and acceptance from our ward family has been such a blessing, especially with a husband who has to work so much. There are a lot of other women who are in my same shoes and really get it. We are all able to support and help each other. There is just so much unity in our ward family. And we are so, so grateful!!

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