Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gratitude Day 7

I'm grateful today for my Primary kids. They are incredible!! I should tell you about the awful behavior I have witnessed in our primary over the last year. It has been horrendous. I have never seen children behave that way in a primary before. I have seen rowdy and loud and wiggly kids. But I had never seen disrespect and irreverence like this before.

In the last several months, after MUCH prayer and counsel and fasting and more prayer and a LOT of changes in teachers and the way we do things, these kids have made strides that I can hardly believe.

Today I sat through one of the most reverent 2 hours of any primary I've ever attended. (And I've served in the primary for YEARS! On top of attending myself as a kid!) And that has been my experience the last several weeks with my primary kids. They have invited the Spirit and allowed us all to enjoy primary in a completely new way. They are giving themselves the opportunity to develop everlasting testimonies and allowing me to witness it.

And on top of that they are teaching me so much! I am learning to listen to the Lord and do as He asks, then to EXPECT miracles to happen. He needs me to have the faith to expect those miracles in order for them to work. And as we, as a Primary Presidency, have tried to do that, we have seen incredibles miracles in such a short time. Imagine what we will see in months and years!

And so today I am grateful for my primary kids. For the trials that we've been through together and for their efforts to make changes. They are giving me so much!!

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