Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gratitude Day 14

I'm so thankful today for music. Lately I have found that when things get tense at home music will turn it all around. If the kids start fighting and arguing I turn on our Primary songs and things calm down within minutes. On Sunday's we play hymns and primary music and other LDS music all day and it brings an incredible spirit into our home. The kids have come to love it as well and immediately turn it on in the morning or right when we get home from church. I love the way it affects each one of us. Everyone is calmer and happier when we have good music playing.

We have even come to leave the tv off and just play music. Whether it's Disney songs, musicals, oldies, or anything, as long as it's uplifting we have it playing almost constantly. The kids rarely watch television and movies anymore (except for our designated family movie not on the weekends, of course!) and seem so much happier to play together instead of zone out on the couch.

Music helps me through my day when I'm feeling flustered or angry or overwhelmed. It soothes me and helps me to focus on things that are important. I am so grateful that my parents introduced me to so much good music growing up and that I am now able to share that with my family.

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